2016 Goals for Blogging

Hello day six of 2016!!! I am looking forward to all  the new and exciting adventures this year will bring. Last year I wrote down my personal life goals for 2015, and met almost all of them. February 1st will mark my website’s’ one year anniversary. This year I will be writing goals for my blogging world.  If you are a blogger reading this, I hope this list inspires you to write your personal blog goals you want to meet in 2016. Enjoy that feeling of putting pen to paper and crossing off that THING you’ve been wanting to accomplish your whole life. It feels wonderful. And don’t forget to celebrate your met achievements.

1.Write a post about blog goals

Check!! I have set in stone not only in hard copy writing but also in publishing live what I would like to achieve this year on this blog. In doing this, I will hold myself responsible for working hard towards those goals and meet them by 2016’s end.

2. Attend a blogging conference

This one is already in the works. Tomorrow I am buying tickets to  Sixth Annual Lifestyle Bloggers #LBNC16 National Conference which is held in Los Angeles. I live 10 min form Downtown L.A, so this one is very doable. A blogging conference is one of the top ways to network with other bloggers. You get to meet with people who do blogging for living. Not only that, but also get a chance to  connect with PR representatives, companies.Yes these events cost $$$, but I believe if one is serious in wanting to succeed in the blogging world, this would be an a very good investment. Refrain yourself from buying clothes and makeup for a month or two, and you’ll have enough saved up to attend a conference. I want to get inspired by other experienced and creative bloggers and listen to them share their ideas on their success. I had to do some searching and read reviews of different blog conferences around my area. And this particular one seems very promising. There is another one coming up in May 14, 2016 Elevate Conference in New Port Beach ,CA. This is a one day event held near the beach and after seeing reviews and raves on this one, I was sold!

3. Network with other bloggers

In other words connecting with others on the internet. Instagram is good, but mostly for photo and just not enough. Facebook, ehhh… I only have a personal private account to keep in touch with family and friends. The fastest way I have discovered to do this is to create a Twitter account for my blog. By day one I had already messaged back and forth and connected with a few other bloggers. I still have a LONNNGGG way to go as to my Twitter followers, but there has to be a beginning somewhere right??. I am only at 5 so far. Victory!!!

4. Bring in 5,000 views per month by 2016’s End

Right now I am averaging about 300 views per month.

5. Post two times per week

This is my minimum goal. When I started my blog, I posted maybe once a month. Now, I am picking up the pace to post twice during the week. I would love to do more, but in reality I work a full-time 40 hour job during the week.

6. Write Raw Unfiltered Relatable Content

This is difficult to do in this day and age. If you write raw unfiltered content, not everyone will agree with you. There will  be negative comments. But life is not all edited, filtered, and perfect. Sharing one’s struggles,  and raw honesty is inspiring to others. It means we are humans.


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