5 Ways To A Productive Morning

I am a wholeheartedly a morning person. Yes, I am one of the few that likes to wake up at 5 or 6 am and welcome in the new day. Now, I’ll admit  that does not happen very often. That is due partly to my work as I get home from my job almost at twelve AM. But the days that I am off, I wake up at the crack of dawn and indulge myself in every minute of it.

Many out there are not morning people. Maybe you would like to become an early bird riser or you are looking for ways to make your mornings more desirable. I wanted to share this list I’ve incorporated into my routine of 5 ways to a productive morning.  I hope they can help jumpstart your days and in the long run make you more productive.

1. GET ENOUGH SLEEP. We’ve all heard this over and over and over from  health magazines, medical studies, radio talk shows, news, doctors etc… There is a reason why SLEEP is so crucial to our body’s mental, physical, and emotional state. Now when I say enough sleep, it means 7-8 hours for us adults. For many that is next to impossible to do due to long work hours, stress, health reasons, and daily responsibilities. I could write a whole article on just this subject alone. The amount of sleep you get the night before will determine the kind of day you will wake up to and have. Your body needs rest. Every single night 7-8 hours of it. And no amount of caffeine will make up for the lack of sleep you’ve been depriving yourself of. Sleep should be a top priority right next to eating and exercising. What to learn more about this topic check out an article written by Harvard Medical School or watch the documentary Sleepless in America.

2. PREP YOUR DAY THE NIGHT BEFORE. Planning the night before is the key to start off your day. Set goals, make a list of your tasks, appointments etc.. of what you would like accomplish. When you write your goals/ things to do down on paper or type them out, you find yourself actually working towards them. Doing this will help keep you stay when you begin your day. You will find yourself less stressed, less of a procrastinator, and more organized. Find out what works best for you. Is it a paper planner, or a calendar on your phone, or just a note book to jot down your tasks? I know for me a phone planner/calendar doesn’t work. I stick to the good ole yearly paper planners. I like the feeling actually writing on real paper with a pencil.

3. LOOK FORWARD TO DOING THAT ONE MORNING RITUAL. For me it’s two things: the 5 minute process of making my french pressed coffee every morning and enjoying that fresh first sip, and my daily routine of applying my makeup. Even if I wakeup groggy and have to force myself out of bed, I always think of those two things I enjoy doing, and it motivates me to begin my day. In doing these small morning rituals, it gives you quiet time to think and preps your whole self for the day ahead.

4. EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST. This is THE most important meal of the day. Eating a breakfast will give you energy to begin your day. Skip breakfast, and you will feel tired, weak, and just out of it. Drink a glass of orange juice and you’ll feel yourself more perked up and awake. That’s because that sugar instantly absorbs into your blood stream and circulates throughout your body. The key is to eat a healthy breakfast, not just a quick sugar fix of a glass of OJ and a muffin and your set. NO. You need a VARIETY: protein, carbs, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This is an example of my typical breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg, toast with mayo, sautéed mushrooms with kale or spinach,a glass of water and a cup of coffee. This meal takes 5 minutes to prep. I boil eggs in batches and half of my breakfast is prepped for the week ahead.The sautéing takes nothing. Hot pan, little bit of oil. Throw in the veggies for a few minutes with a flip or two in the pan and you’re done. Or you can just do a smoothie. Whatever works for you.

5. TIDY UP YOUR SPACE. Having a clean/organized home feels like your life is less chaotic. You can feel yourself breathe easier, and your mind feels relaxed. You’re not running around in the morning like a chicken with your head cut off trying to find your keys, coffee cups, and clean clothes to wear. What I have found up is that if I go to sleep the night before and my home is a mess(dishes not washed, clothes scattered everywhere, random stuff laying all over the house), I just dread waking up the next morning. My day starts chaotic. So now I tidy up my home the evening before, wash dishes, fold laundry, etc.. Give it a try. I bet this will make you more motivated to wake up earlier and be more productive.


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  • Great Tips, I always start the day with a healthy breakfast and it makes my day betterReplyCancel

  • I’m always preparing the coffee maker earlier night to get my coffee at 4AM when I wake up to work hahah. There’s no way to be productive at the mornings, loved the post tho. Here’s a lovely tips I could use too 🙂

    <3: Jasmin N | littlethingswithjassy.blogspot.fiReplyCancel

  • I definitely need to be more productive on a morning hahahah…. maybe it will happen 🙂ReplyCancel

  • These are wonderful tips! It’s a little different for me because I work from home. But keeping a clean, organized space and a solid schedule is key!

    Jasmine / http://www.jasminekeclipse.comReplyCancel

    • Thank you!! yes working from home… one has to REALLY discipline him/herself to stay organized and and clean, and keep a solid schedule. It’s very hard to get distracted at home.ReplyCancel

  • I do them all, apart from number one! I never get to have enough sleep! Less than 7 hours is not good for me!ReplyCancel

  • Prepping the night before saves so much time in the mornings! I am not a happy morning person, and I don’t move as quickly. For me, doing everything I can the night before gives me a better chance to have a good morning. Great tips!

    Erin | http://www.awelderswife.comReplyCancel

  • Great advice. I need to get in the habit of #2.ReplyCancel

  • some sage advice here, to be honest i never eat breakfast! I know its bad but im lazy!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Looking forward to a morning ritual is really smart! For me, it’s getting to listen and guess along to the Planet Rock Radio ‘cryptic conundrum’ while I do my make-up – always gives me a boost!ReplyCancel

  • I know myself, I just won’t be able to plan my day the night before but every Saturday I sit down and plan the whole week to come so I just don’t have to deal with that anymore. I think my morning ritual is actually my healthy breakfast lol thank you for the great tips 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Get up early in the morning feel different and fresh, at least for me, but the problem is, I can’t do it everyday hehehe.ReplyCancel

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