85 Degrees Bakery and Cafe Pasadena

Saturday morning.

Definitely a day of the week which calls for a cup of cappuccino and some freshly baked goodies. When I first came to California, two of my dear friends took me to this little gem of a cafe and bakery 85 Degrees located in Pasadena, California. That very first visit we stalked up on all kinds of pastries, cookies, and sweets that could meet the eye.

85 Degrees Bakery85 Degrees Bakery85 Degrees Bakery

I absolutely fell in love with this place the moment my eyes met all the delicious looking pastries, cakes and bread. The cakes… oh my… the cakes were just something out of a magazine: perfect looking and oh so very colorful. And the art and designs on these cakes were absolutely STUNNING. But that’s not what really caught on to me. It was the prices of these all the baked goodies and bread. You could get a good slice of cake or dessert for like 3 or 4$ or the baked pastries for 2-3$. And the prices of their cakes and half cakes were about 16-25$

85 Degrees Bakery85 Degrees Bakery85 Degrees Bakery85 Degrees Bakery

There are small quaint contemporary coffee tables inside, and also a long community table in the middle if you would want come and dine with a group of people. The ambiance is just perfect. It is hustle and bustle all around of people getting in line to fill their trays with baked goods, and ordering hot beverages. Others meeting for a coffee date and chitchat. An older grandfather sitting and reading a book a table down from you and sipping on freshly brewed coffee.

So, yes this is my new favorite getaway spot to indulge in a quiet, still waking up, delicious Saturday morning. If you are anytime in California, 85 Degrees  has a few locations such as Pasadena, San Diego, and a few more more others around the world. Visit their site to find out more about their history. This specific location is in Old Town Pasadena and right smack in the middle of the shopping district and restaurants.  I recommend a visit to this spot, you won’t regret it:)

85 Degrees BakeryIMG_560385 Degrees Bakery


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