9 Inspirational and Most Beautiful Lifestyle Blogs of 2016


Hi everyone and happy holidays!!!

I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was tasty and enjoyable. For Hubby and I, Thanksgiving was wonderful and soooo yummy. I roasted a duck and Brussel sprouts for the first time:) Apart from cooking that day, I started working on a post and finally getting around to publishing it today.

Lately, or should I say the past half year, my creativity reserve has been slowly hitting rock bottom. Maybe it’s stress from work, anxiety, or depression or all combined, I don’t know. I do know this, I’ve missed writing and creating. I perused back to my first post on this blog and read it over and over. What the heck am I missing??!

I’m lacking emotion, inspiration, and the love for writing and sharing I had when my blog first went live. What has been an inspiration to me and has helped get my creative juices flowing is reading others blogs. These are the blogs I keep coming back to read every day, and the ones I look to for a spark of creativity, lifestyle advice, a bit of fashion, and a most of all their writing.  I’ve dubbed, what in my opinion seem to be the 9 inspirational and most beautiful lifestyle blogs of 2016. Each writer/blog has it’s unique voice/voices, styles, and delivers oodles amount of inspiration and beauty through their writing and photography.


Belong Magazine Blog

Belong Magazine IS a physical, hard copy blogger, media influencer, entrpreneurship magazine and their site/blog feels like community. They have contributors such as bloggers, diyers, photographers, writers, designers and many more creative people they contribute to the quarterly magazine issues. Each printed, and published hard copy of the magazine is gorgeous. It’s not only the visual aesthetics of this magazine and blog that make you keep coming back for more, but also the many beautifully written articles and pearls of wisdom each writer shares. Their blog and site are are full of ideas, inspiration, recipes, encouragement, business and social media advice and much more. I got the chance to meet the founder and editor, Brooke Saxon-Spencer, of Belong Mag at at blogging conference back in May of year, and let me tell you… Brooke puts her sweat, tears, all her love and energy into her work.

Reading My Tea Leaves 

Reading My Tea Leaves …that one blog I wish I had known about YEARS ago. It’s been around for a while. Erin lives a a simple lifestyle. That is what her blog is based on”a practical and purposeful approach to a simple sustainable lifestyle”-Erin Boyle. I enjoy reading her series My Week in Objects. She finds joy and pleasure in life’s little things. She and her family life a a NY 500sq ft apartment!! Talk about wow!! Her blog and writing has this calm, uncluttered, homey feel to it that makes you coming back for more.


Blare June

Blare June is beauty, empowerment, style, positivity, and epitome of success all wrapped into one. She is a full-time psychiatrist doctor in training and there are not many healthcare professional lifestyle bloggers out there. That was one of the reasons I started following her beginning of this year and also because of her pretty  pretty photos:) And after I looked around the site a bit and read a few posts, I was hooked. She focuses a good part of her blog to mental health, but also mixes in a bit of fashion and lifestyle in between.


the Freckled Fox Blog

The Freckled Fox

Emily Meyers of the Freckled Fox… I cannot begin to tell you how much her life story has not only affected me but also many others around the entire globe. I check her blog daily for her life updates and wait in anticipation for the next chapters of her and her family’s life. Every post she writes … raw, emotional, and beautiful heart tugging life moments and struggles she goes though. Her story is simply beautiful. She is an inspiration and a pillar of positivity to many women out in the world. To hear more of her story visit Marvelous Moms to listen to a podcast by Emily Meyers on Faith Hope and Freckles.


Inspirational Indulgence

Chelsea!!!! Gahhhh!! I love this girl… She writes with passion, and her blog Inspirational Indulgence is full of SO MUCH encouragement, inspiring articles and really cute outfits. She motivates and inspires you to live better. She puts so much hard work into her blog and on top of it all she is about to finish up her masters degree in counseling. AND she’s working on a book.  I’ve been following Chelsea’s blog since the first couple of posts. She writes with confidence, power and fearlessness.

Zoe London Blog

Zoe London

Zoe is a blogger from London. I began reading her blog for a couple of years ago. What really intrigued me about her blog was the beautiful photography and all the traveling she did!!! Oh and if you plan on going to London one day, definitely check out her many posts and recommendations of places to eat and visit. But I keep coming back for more because of her writing. My favorite post she wrote was God Knows I Triedin regards too how blogging is slowly fading away and how blogging has changed. Zoe talks about life in London, and the struggle it is to make it asa full-time blogger. I hope to meet her in the near future as she travels again to Los Angeles:)


Me and Orla blog

Me & Orla

Me & Orla is a blog based out of London. It’s about the adventures of a mother journeying her way through motherhood and recording those special moments. Sara also devotes a major part of her blog to sharing tips about Instagram, all sorts of hashtag challenges, and tons of photography knowledge. I cannot get enough of her photos!! Her blog carries this sense of the London country-side charm and enchantment you see in movies and photos.

a pair and a spare blog

A Pair & A Spare

This is my go to DIY blog. Geneva creates some beautiful projects along with really pretty photos and step by step instructions. It is thanks to her I decorated my apartment with lots of green plants. Her blog is full of all sorts of ideas/decor for the home and office. Plus she has a youtube channel that entails many of her projects and creations. Geneva is also the creator of the one and only The Simple Sandal, cute, and simple leather sandals that would go with any outfit. In between her DIY projects she also blogs about her home, food, travel and beauty.

the skinny confidential blog

The Skinny Confidential

Lauryn Evarts has been my favorite blogger since I’ve dived into the world of social media and blogging. She built and created The Skinny Confidential Brand from the ground up. Her brand has now expanded in a book, podcasts, and SO MUCH content on healthy eating, exercise, fashion, home decor, beauty and wellness. She talks real life. No sugar coating on her writing. I often listen to her and her hubby’s live podcasts. Lauryn also designed her whole website. Her blog screams chic, fabulous, and confidence. Lauryn also gives many tips on blogging full-time, and how she got to where she is today.

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