A Yummy Mint and Strawberry Cocktail

A Yummy Mint and Strawberry CocktailThis recipe is made possible because of my husband. First time he made this drink, I was blown away by a few things: Semi sweet taste, light/ frothy, full of flavor and how EASY and QUICK it was to make. After the first few sips, I told him this had to be shared and it was going up on the blog. Ya”ll REALLY need to give this a try!!! Plus it’s a pretty drink to look at and photograph!

It consists of six ingredients and its a fruity drink that is not loaded with sugar. This yummy mint and strawberry cocktail would be ideal for a spring/summer afternoon of relaxation. And yes it’s healthy.

A Yummy Mint and Strawberry Cocktail

A Yummy Mint and Strawberry Cocktail


-A few splashes of Orange Juice

-1-2 tsp of Sugar

-5-6 Frozen Whole Strawberries(the water will soften them and they will blend easier)

-A touch of semisweet/fruity white wine ( We had a tablespoon of leftover Chardonnay)

-A few fresh mint leaves for mixing and garnish

-1 cup of water

If you prefer drinks without the alcohol content, than leave it out. But the wine really adds a tad bit of flavor and sweetness. If you don’t have a bullet type of mixer device than just use a blender.

Blend away!! For about a minute. It creates a light and airy froth. The frozen strawberries add the needed chill that makes the drink come together. I didn’t add the mint into my mixture, because I had only a few green leaves leftover for garnish. But yes you need to add the mint!! It freshens up the drink.

Pour into a dainty glass and enjoy!

A Yummy Mint and Strawberry Cocktail

A Yummy Mint and Strawberry Cocktail


A Yummy Mint and Strawberry Cocktail

You can do so so much more with this recipe!! Tweak it to your own taste. Add more sweetness if you need. There are tons of fruit you can experiment with. Give this a try and let me know how you like it!!




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