Afternoon Date in Los Angeles

One of my favorite days of the week is date time with my husband. Since we are on a budget right now, we usually set an allowance of 20$ to spend for our dates. For us, dating times are more than going out to eat in a restaurant or watching a movie. It’s a time to explore a city, to chat, and open our eyes to the vast and diverse world around us.

Since moving to California and the Southern Cali region, looking for places to visit has been quite exciting. There is SO MUCH to see!! Yesterday afternoon, Sunday, we embarked on an adventure of discovering one of Los Angeles most historic and oldest landmarks: Olvera Street. It’s an outdoor marketplace, with restaurants, street food vendors, and live entertainment. It was like we stepped into Mexico. I’ve traveled to Mexico a few times and fell in love with the culture, people, and country. My husband is also from Mexico. So this was like visiting the country all over again. This was an evening full of enjoyment, dancing, music, food, and people.


Olvera Street LA ChurchOlvera Street Restaurant


Wishing Well Olvera Stree

Olvera Street DancingBy the end of the night we spent:

  • $9 Parking
  • $2.50 Orchata (Mexican Sweet Rice Drink)
  • $4 Seasoned Fruit Box

Some highlights of the evening included a live band that played older Spanish music, and of course the dancing. Towards the evening a group of Spanish dancers did the traditional dances of Mexico, and also a couple of singers performed. I would recommend Olvera Street as one of the top places to visit while in Los Angeles.

There is so much to discover in Los Angeles that even a week of sightseeing would not be enough to enjoy and see the unique and hidden beauties this city encompasses. Apart from the much visited places such as Hollywood Blvd, museums, Griffith Observatory, and beaches, this city is thrives in cultures from around the world, art, delicious food, and history. Olvera street is just a glimpse in what makes up the diverse city of Los Angeles. Have any of you visited LA or California? What are some places that you dream of one day visiting?

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Olvera Street Dancing LA

Olvera Street LA Fruit

Olvera Street LA

LA freeway


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