Apple Picking with Grace Belle Team- Oak Glen, CA

rileysapple-2Tis the season of apple picking!!! It’s not officially Fall season unless you initiate it with apples galore, pumpkin spice lattes, boots and scarfs. I welcome you to take a peek into the blazing hot, sunny, charming, and fun day the Grace Belle team and the ladies had at Riley’s Apple Orchard.

To start off, this was my first outing with the Grace Belle team. First outing anywhere in California with a group of girls I didn’t know. I met Lorina, the founder of Grace Belle, a few weeks before when I interviewed for a position to be in her team. I wanted to see what these people and the overall community was all about. I had seen their post for this apple picking event and decided to tag along.

That entire day, long drive, and sun scorching hot weather was well worth the trip. I met some pretty incredible creative, beautiful, and talented ladies. I had found my place amongst THIS group.

Everyone had cameras: phones, digital, films etc… Nature, pumpkins, apples, and greenery all around. Photoshoots, and props, left, right and all around. So, yes I felt right at home:) And the work of picking apples and biting into the delicious crisp freshly grown apples? A mouthwatering delight!! I don’t think I can go back to eating store bought apples again.

Not to self: don’t wear boots in the 85 degree sweltering California heat. And bring a hat.

Grace Belle has organized some fantastic trips. Check out their site to see who they are, what they stand for, where they’ve traveled and what their next event will be. They are truly an inspiration. I am glad to be joining their extended team as a photographer, getting to know everyone and look forward to see their team expand and their vision grow.



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