East Bound: Traveling Back Home

Asheville, NC

Every six months or so, I fly back East to Asheville, NC to visit my family and hometown.  This time it was for our third family reunion and my grandfather’s 80th birthday. The gathering consisted of about 60ish or so people. 11 aunts and uncles, and I think 27 cousins and a handful of great grandkids ? I don’t know… I’ve lost count.  I went on FB just to count them on the photo and gave up.

And EVERY time I haul with me my trusty digital Canon camera. I like it. I really do. But I feel as tho for the more this day and age get pulled into the digital era in this case photography, the more I take a step back to the past and desperately cling to the fading age of film photography.

I have not seen my love for taking pictures grow so crazily out of control as it did the moment I was gifted with a 1990’s Pentax film camera back in January of this year.

This time I could not wait to get back home from my trip and have this roll of film developed…

ilford hp5

This camera made me realize some things about life:

1. To slow down and cherish the simple things in life, the everyday moments.

2. Perfection for me does not exist anymore. I do not live to be a perfect human being in any areas of my life, I do not live to please and be perfect for others or get others approval.

And you know what I’ve realized? Life is freakin BEAUTIFUL- everyday simple moments are BEAUTIFUL. The flaws, mistakes, and when life seems out of focus are what make life beautiful.

I took a long detox and cleanse from social media for a while. And it’s been life changing.

This blog is my little corner of the internet where I have decided to share my angle of the world and life.

And I hope that in some sorta way it may inspire you to look at life through different eyes than you have before.

Here are some photos I took on my trip to the East Coast. Some of us cousins all gathered in the heart of Asheville’s Downtown Splashville and afterwards Marble Slab IceCream.

The kiddos even managed to maneuver their way into the local Fire Department.

Times like these in the photos you see made me pause and enjoy every single giggle, and cry and laughter these kiddos made.

Life is simple!!!

Happy Thursday Friends,


ilford hp5 filmilford hp5 filmilford hp5 filmilford hp5 filmilford hp5 film{Let me introduce to my 15 month old nephew}

ilford hp5 filmilford hp5 film

ilford hp5 filmilford hp5 filmilford hp5 filmilford hp5 filmilford hp5 filmilford hp5 film

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