First Day of Fall

YES!!! It is OFFICIALLY here!!.Is anyone else just ectastic today??!! First day of fall, the most looked forward to season of the year for a lot of people. Here in Southern California it won’t feel like fall for at least another month or two. The temperatures here in the sunny state are still reaching 100 degrees F in some areas. YIKES!!! This will be my first time to spend this season away from the mountains, and the cool crisp mornings and evenings. But either way, I am so excited for this time of the year  because of a few reasons…

  1. It means that the HOLIDAYS are right around the corner !!!

  2. Hot apple cider

  3. Pumpkin spice lattes

  4. ANYTHING to do with pumpkin at Trader Joe’s 🙂 (only during Autumn season)

  5. Packing up your summer wardrobe and getting out the boots, light jackets, and scarves

  6. All of TV’s best shows coming back on tonight. YES!!!!

  7. Hiking the mountains and taking in the gorgeous, breathtaking scenery of the leaves changing colors as soon as colder temps hit the regions

  8. Trailing the corn mazes and of course…

  9. Halloween and Dia de los Muertos

  10. Annnnnd apple picking




I really don’t know how fall-time will uncover here in Cali, but  I’m pretty sure it will be a whole new experience and adventure. Last year I spent an afternoon in the back woods of my parents home in North Carolina photographing the magic of nature at its fullest. Let me know down below what you most favorite things are about this Autumn season and what you are most looking forward to. Enjoy the photos below, go out and have a sip of hot apple cider or pumpkin latte at your local coffee shop and just savor every moment of today and the world around you.











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