First Letter

Dear Letters of Elan Blog

You are slowly being presented to the world. After a full year, you have finally made your presence known to Google. And with numerous attempts to make you look like you, we had success!! Though it took multiple relaunches, months of theme hunting, hours of CSS code jargon, and thinking of whether to keep you alive, it is all worth it.

You are unraveling a deep longing inside of me to create and write.

You will be here years from now inspiring people all over the world to live and enjoy their lives every single day.

We will discover other cultures, travel the world, and connect with people. And together we will just create.



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Welcome to my blog! I'm Lena-a nurse by day, lover of nature, yoga pants, tea and coffee in between. This is a place where I document life's moments, along with adventures/travel and little bits and pieces of practical simple living. I'm Thank you for stopping by <3


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