Five Minute Friday: Time

Happy five minute Friday everyone!! Today’s topic is Time.

One of my goals for this 2016 year is to learn to manage my time better.

I manage my time at my job very well, but when it comes to my everyday life outside of work, I just fail at it. Organization is my LIFE. You’d think time management would be mastered right along with it. But not so.

I have a lot of goals I’m wanting to accomplish this year. But that will not happen if I keep making up excuses for myself such as watching a few hours of my favorite T.V shows everyday cause I feel tired, or waste my time scrolling through Instagram and FB every hour.

My Plan for Time Management:
  1. Stop making up excuses
  2. Use my 2 Daily planners I bought for this year(one for personal, other for blogging)
  3. Write my tasks with time slots for the next day, the night before
  4. Check my planners first thing in the morning
  5. Wake up at 0630 am and begin my morning
  6. Allow social media time to 15 min per day (that means, scrolling, replying, liking etc…)


Anyone else out there in the same boat struggling with time management? What do you do to be better at it?

Come join and write with us!!


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  • Time management is a tricky one, esp when everyone is go go go with a New Year. I love your parameters for your time: even how you separate your calendars. Keep going, showing up, doing your thing. I’m restructuring my writing too this year. Limits can be liberating! -Christina, #70 at FMFReplyCancel

  • Time Management has been a struggle for me for years, It never seems to be enough time to get everything I want done! I love your #1 Stop Making excuses. I feel that is my biggest issue. I plan everything out but I don’t follow through most times. Thanks for sharing! #68 at FMFReplyCancel

  • ruxandrasoare

    I am always struggling with time management, especially for blogging. I saw some improvements when I was waking up at 6 am, but I would spend way more than 15 minutes on social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram) even more if I wanted to do some Pinterest tooReplyCancel

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