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Living the Minimal Life
I choose to live the minimal life. I feel like I really discovered minimalism when I met my husband. Once I got married, I then learned from my husband what living like a minimalist really is and my life has changed A LOT and for the better. Choosing to live this way has taught me to enjoy life per se, independently of the value or the amount of stuff that I have. This is also why Danny and I decided to simplify and update our home.

“Less is more”

My first time ever moving out of my parents home was three years ago after our wedding. I could not wait to move out and get my first apartment, and decorate it to my liking. During our engagement period, which was five months, I spent that time gathering all sorts of home decor and styles online,in magazines, and stores, . They ranged from Urban Modern, to Farmhouse Rustic to Neutral Minimalist. My mind was all over the place. I liked this and that, but what if modern got boring, and I love the comforting feel of rustic decor, but I loathe clutter. Ahhh!!! So much to think about. So when it came time to purchase furniture, I didn’t have a a style picked out. And we ended buying pieces of furniture that was a little bit of everything.

Fast forward three years later, and we are living in Los Angeles, inside of 700 sq ft apartment and much more space to play around with. This past week, I had five wonderful, glorious days off from work. During that free time, Danny and I hunkered down and really dove into searching for a home style that worked for us both.

Now to give you a little insight on the type of people my husband and I are: we cannot and will not live in clutter, that goes for house decor, tons of unnecessary amounts of clothing, and just to much furniture. Also, he will start his medical residency soon and will rarely be home. I’m working three-four days per week at the hospital. And the days I’m home, you’ll find me in front of my computer or nestled in the corner chair reading a book.

Functionality was also major factor into choosing the design that we both wanted.

Minimalist Scandanavian Interior Design is what really caught our eyes.We both loved the feel of the whole concept! A little bit of European feel to it, very much minimalist, neutral tones, simple, and oh so functional.

Once you see the photos, you’ll  probably say but how is THAT functional?? Tiny table, no couches, nothing on the walls, and nowhere to sit. Yes, that’s the answer I got from my family. That’s why we love this design!! We rarely have people over, both of our families are back East, and we don’t plan on having kids just yet. Yet it works perfectly for us!

I also need to mention there’s an IKEA store 15 min from our town. That is where we purchased our kitchen table, chairs, and a bit of decor. We traveled around Los Angeles to multiple Goodwill stores to find little adornments for the living room ladder and spent next to nothing on them.  What really added that oomph and color accent to the whole apartment were the green various sized potted plants: Trader Joe’s and Lowes.

Danny and I are very excited about this new style, it’s easy to maintain, and will be less of a hassle when it will come time again change apartments. We’re thinking maybe a smaller studio next:D We are still working on the bedroom, and have yet to move out our old stuff.

Living the Minimal Life

Living the Minimal Life

I look forward waking up early in the mornings, reading blogs while taking that first sip freshly brewed coffee and in the background I listen to the waking hum and noise of the city. I love this fresh, new and clean feel of our home.

Not everyone can live this way. That’s totally fine! Whatever floats your boat and makes YOU happy. What make me happy and satisfied is to live with less stuff. It feels freeing. It has helped me to breath easier in a sense. I encourage you to read the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Although it’s not a book about minimalism, it is a starting point about decluttering and having less.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!! Stay cool as these last few hot weeks of summer are winding down. It’s triple digits here in Southern California this weekend:D

Living the Minimal LifeLiving the Minimal Life Living the Minimal Life|Home UpdatesLiving the Minimal Life

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  • Lesley-Anne

    The pictures are amazing. I really wish I could live with less clutter.ReplyCancel

  • These photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! I believe the more minimalistic your space and the less clutter you have, the easier it is to think. Love this!

  • I used to love clutter, but I also love space and everything neat around the space. Recently I discovered minimalism and I intend to live it. But I am a slow picker so I have to read a lot about it. Great home. GIGI..ReplyCancel

  • Oh, I wish I could do this! Less clutter is what I need, but an active 1 year old makes that difficult!? Beautiful idea and photos! Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • I love that shelf in the first picture I wish I had somewhere to put something like that. I can’t wait till I have a larger home and I’m allowed to decorate and space things out better. Love you photographs and your style seems practical to me 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Thank you so much 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Thank you for your sweet words! I live in a small apartment:) We got rid of A LOT of stuff to make our small living room and bedroom seem more spacious. I believe you can make minimalism work in any type of living space. But I so wish to have a house one day.ReplyCancel

  • I really like the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It helped me get rid of a lot of things in my house that I don’t really need that were making my life more difficult. I love minimalist Scandinavian design too!ReplyCancel

  • Your places looks so beautiful! I wish I can do this but I have too much stuff I can’t let go ofReplyCancel

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