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Hi Everyone!! Lena here.

Couple weeks ago I announced on my Instagram that I’ll be featuring a new series on the blog called Mompreneur – This is my story. This idea has been on my mind for quite some time, and I’m so excited to see it come to life!! I am not yet a mother, and I can say that I don’t know what it’s like having kids, and on top of that run a business! But these ladies do know what it’s like. And I wanted to hear THEIR stories, inspire others and share their journey.

I prepared and sent out a list of questions for them to base their stories on. These are three ladies who run their own businesses and are full-time mommies. I do personally know all three women and have been following their business journey on social media from the beginning. And I ADORE their work. And I’m sure you will as well. What inspires them? What message do they want to share with the world through their business? How do they balance everything in their lives lives and so much more!! Each of these ladies has a story to tell and it’s beautiful. I am so thrilled and cannot wait for you to read these inspirational posts in the next couple of weeks. AND look at some GORGEOUS photography:)

This first one is close and very dear to my heart. Viktoria and I have known each other since we were teenagers. And have been best friends ever since. We’ve had our separations and moments as each relationship does, but that’s what made us even closer. We watched each other graduate, grow into adulthood, get married, and have supported each other through life’s thick and thin times. Read on to here HER story.

Viktoria | Mompreneur - This is my story

My name is Viktoria. Since I was little, I loved everything that had to do with making something with my own hands. I was born and spent my childhood in Ukraine. Growing up, I spent a lot of time outside during hot summer days playing with friends, gardening, and sitting on benches making jewelry with friends. In the cold winter, a lot of time was spent knitting by the fireplace with the help of the soft and gentle hands of my mom or grandma. I wouldn’t trade my childhood where I grew up for anything. I always wanted to learn how to crochet, which both of them had no clue how to do. Now while knitting and crocheting was cool and in style, in my country almost every woman knew how to do it. To save money and make ends meet, women made socks, hats, gloves, scarfs, etc. I still love looking through my old baby pictures and seeing what my mom and my grandma created for me. Now a days, patterns are forgotten that were created over twenty years ago. That’s how my hobby started. I decided to learn how to crochet through Pinterest tutorials and Youtube videos. I started from hats to bigger projects such as blankets. I had so much ideas, especially for little girls that I had stacks of stuff.

Two years later God gave us a gift, a little girl that we named Jasmine, and that’s where I got my inspiration. I had so much ideas and I made her everything that you could think of. My family and friends encouraged me to share my creations with others. So I decided to open  Jazziadore. At the same time a lot of people told me about how much competition Etsy was. While I put it off to the side for a long time, deep inside I knew that if I never tried, I would never have found out if it would work.

“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” Fabienne Fredrickson

I decided to try and I knew that if it’s God’s will for me, it would work out.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3

In the beginning it was very hard to balance everything in my life between being a wife, mother, housekeeper, cook, business and so on, but with God everything is possible. The most important thing for me is to start my day right which is to give God all the glory and to bless my day for my family. I learned that when I give Him my time with my children first thing in the morning, I always have time for my other tasks during the day. No rest can lead to stress; it is very important to remember. I often just go grab coffee even if it’s just for an hour, and go to a craft store brainstorming on what product I could add to my shop and honestly that’s really relaxing for me, or completing my orders while watching my favorite show. I love what I do, and it makes me very happy. I am always excited to make something new!

Viktoria | Mompreneur - This is my storyViktoria | Mompreneur - This is my story

My children are often a part of my work. For example, while I take pictures of my product, my little girl plays with bows, trying to organize them herself. I love when my little boy asks to cut fabric, or writes cards in his own writing skills so he could be just like me. All my orders are completed while everyone is in their bed, which saves me time and keeps me focused. I couldn’t make anything without my big support from my husband. He believes in me. He helps me as much as he can, especially with kids. Almost every day he spends the evening with them. They build things and play so I can get my stuff done or be alone for a bit. I cannot be more thankful to him.

My goal right now is not to be afraid to dream. I knew what I wanted to do. Everything is possible with God. My goal and dream is to make my own little office space where I can make more quality and affordable products for moms and their precious babies. I followed the famous online shops and I was curious how they found their ‘thing’. It seemed like they were born with it. I opened my Etsy shop three years ago, making crochet hats. I sold a few things and I thought that it would be just a seasonal business. I wondered if maybe I just didn’t have that ‘thing’ to do it. After I had a girl, I really enjoyed making headbands. I read Fancy Free Finery where owner Katie shared her story about how she started her first headbands. She inspired me, and I decided to try it again. Maybe some people assume that all these shops got successful right away and it’s just their ‘thing’. I felt the same way! But sometimes you have to do several tries to find your ‘thing’. No one is perfect from the beginning. Do what you enjoy. Don’t give up. For some it might take months, for others it takes years. Don’t compare your work, and understand your worth. Don’t let someone else’s opinions change what your goals or dreams are.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Maya Angelou

Viktoria | Mompreneur - This is my storyViktoria | Mompreneur - This is my storyViktoria | Mompreneur - This is my storyViktoria | Mompreneur - This is my storyViktoria | Mompreneur - This is my storyViktoria | Mompreneur - This is my story

To see more work from Viktoria, follow her on Instagram and check out her work on Etsy.
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