Moving to California

After four months of continuous, and arduous waiting, it is official. My husband and I are settling down in Golden State of Southern California for roughly the next seven to eight years. who knows… Maybe even more 🙂 Our sole purpose of leaving North Carolina and moving across the country was so that my husband could come and study at the International Medical Graduate Program at UCLA.

The past few months have been the most nerve wrecking, and emotion roller coaster filled weeks I have ever experienced in my life. But then again, so is everything new and unknown I experience in my life. Ha! And so life continues… It got quite boring sitting at home 24/7 for three something months. Walls started closing in, pity, doubt, and depression begin to take root. My faith got tested, put into practice and just like an expanding rubber band, was being put to use and stretched to the max. I started to wander the dreaded WHAT IF’s. Stepping out into unfamiliar territory, not knowing what you will encounter is terrifying. We did not have all the official answers before our move, like if Daniel was going to get accepted into the program or if I ever was going to find a job as a nurse or even make friends. We didn’t know anyone except one family. But we both decided to take upon that risk, and take a leap of faith to relocate not knowing was what ahead for us.


Living in a Metropolitan city such as LA, you soon start to find yourself completely lost in the multitude sea of people. And making the effort to connect with others is a must. As winter and spring months progressed, we eventually found a local church and started connecting with people, and have met some pretty awesome people since. Not much has happened since the move except that thankfully, after 3 months of nonstop job hunting, praying, waiting patiently, and tearfully for interviews and job offers, I will be working at a hospital as a California RN!!! I am over the moon, and ecstatic beyond explanation. Daniel will also begin his official classroom studying in August.

In between the many months of waiting, worrying and having literally ALL of 24/7, we have plunged into discovering Los Angeles with the help and company of our amazing friends, hiked a few beautiful mountains, and of course visited some of the world’s most famous beaches.


For Daniel and I, our journey in life continues as we lean on each other for support, love, encouragement, and friendship. He will take the hardest exams known in the medical world to a medical graduate, will go through long, strenuous hours and years of training and residency, and I will be there backing him up every step of the way. For me, challenges are the beauty of life: Experience and share joys and sorrows, tears and pain, the struggle and victory. We left the comfort of life back in the Carolina mountains, took our two Hondas, and drove 2,285 miles across country. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought to be where I am today if I had not stepped out of my comfort zone. There is sooooo much to do and see in this life and even more people to meet and grow new friendships. I really like this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt,

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.”

Cherish life. Live to the fullest. Take risks. Even though challenges will come your way, you will be content daily.


Welcome to my blog! I'm Lena-a nurse by day, lover of nature, yoga pants, tea and coffee in between. This is a place where I document life's moments, along with adventures/travel and little bits and pieces of practical simple living. I'm Thank you for stopping by <3


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