“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”    
                                 -Eleanor Roosevelt-

 “You never understand life until it grows inside of you-“Sandra C. Kass-

About a month ago this stunning and beautiful mommy  and I spent a few hours taking some maternity photos. This was a special moment for me because first she is my best friend and second I’ve never shot maternity photos before.It was spontaneous, and we made plans about locations as the day went on. You my dear ,Vika, are going to be an extraordinary mother to your precious princess.














Hi everyone!!

It has been almost 2 weeks since Danny and I have moved to our new Cali home.
Maybe one day I will get to making video of our town and show everyone around this beautiful city, but for now all I have is a small view of our living place. We are not yet done with all the decor in the bedroom or living room. What y’all think?



“AUTHOR & PHOTOS: My sister Viktoriya O”

Last week, shopping my usual GOODWILL MONDAY, I came across this olive green,
grandma looking, something my husband would not approve of, basically hideous skirt.I was attracted to it, because I love anything with PLEATS! It looked like my size, and I thought it would be a fun and easy project.(I also have to mention that we have a Goodwill Outlet in our city, and there aren’t any dressing rooms there. You can just buy (GARBAGE) by the pound. Almost every Monday when I go I find wonderful treasures.

Anyways… I came home and threw all of the junk that I found in the wash (including the olive green skirt…. WHICH THEN TURNED ALL OF THE CLOTHES —YELLOW) poo.Nonetheless, I only spent $3.65 that day so I wasn’t too disappointed. (The skirt was probably around 50 or 60 cents. This is how the skirt looked after the wash, before I steamed it.

Vita1 copy

Pretty ugly right……?

I tried it on, and it sat perfectly on my hips, so I didn’t have to do anything to it, except change the length.I wanted it to be church appropriate and wearable (not too short, not too long).

Then I steamed it, and pinned the edges of the skirt together for a precise cut.

(As Shown Below)

Skirt 1


This is how the skirt looked after I cut off a few inches. Nothing too special. Almost the length I wanted.

The pinned hem looked like this:

Skirt3 copy

Then I had to pin the hem of the skirt, as evenly as possibly, in order to sew it.

The pinned hem looked like this:


I love my sewing machine! Less than 10 minutes and my skirt was finished! Here is the end result! It was an easy project. And I am happy with how the skirt turned out.It’s wearable and comfortable! I have a couple of ideas on how I want to wear it.So what do y’all think???Let me know if ya’ll want more Goodwill outfit ideas

Final1 copyfinal2

    Before                                                               After

before after copy


Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you, Until we meet again.-Unknown-

Hi and hello to everyone who is reading this. This is not the way I wanted to start out writing my very first post, but I feel like in these exact very few minutes of time I need to.

As my husband and I were getting ready to go to sleep and all snuggles and cuddles, something just came over me, and no it was not hormones… I just started bawling my eyes out. Tears drenching the pillows and blankets, and I could not catch my breath. As I am writing this it’s about one o’clock AM, and hubby is finally sound asleep and I’m sitting near my parents cozy, little, snug firewood stove. Those tears that I am crying right now are memories of my dear friends and family that are circling nonstop through my brain, they are for the people that I will be missing more than my words could ever express, and for my loved ones that I will be saying a bitter sweet goodbye to for a certain period of time. I tried to be strong and positive and not to show my teary eyed side of me just because I do not like when people see me cry especially in public. But tonight was different.

My thoughts revolved around if I would ever see my family again, my mom and dad, my sister, and grandparents. The people who have loved, prayed, and guided me through every single step of my life. Not many people can say those things about their family, but I can say this… My heavenly Father has blessed my life with some amazing parents; my two special people who live to be a blessing to others and devote their lives to serving others. And to my one and only little grown up sister who has been nothing but loving, crazy, fun, and sacrificing. Those friends(Irina, Alina, Vika, Dana, Yanna, Vita, Nastinka, and many more ) that I have grown up with and adopted as my family. You girls have no idea how much you all mean to me. And most of all I will be missing laughter, the joy and happiness of being around these wonderful people God has brought into my life.

It is heartbreaking to say farewell for a short period of time to the ones you love and cherish the most. To leave the comfort of your parents home, to part with the familiar surroundings that you have known for the past 18 years. At times, I have that fear in the back if my mind that starts with the WHAT IF’s: what if I never see my family again, what if I will never make friends in Cali, what if I will never adapt to my new life. But I have decided to not dwell on these negative what if’s, because if I do, depression will take its course. I want to enjoy every single second I am given in this short life and not dwell on these fears. As I am about to wrap my thoughts up, reflections of Danny and my farewell/birthday party still linger in my mind. The words of the many blessings and prayers that were spoken over us will always and forever be engraved in my heart and mind.


It’s not easy letting go of a comfortable, and a well accustomed to life here in the snug and cozy mountains. But I am looking forward to new adventures with my husband, meeting new people, making new friends and starting a new job. It is very scary and yet exciting to start dipping my toes in the West Coast SoCal life.


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