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Solstice CanyonDear Reader,

The reality of August is upon us, and that means back to school for a lot of people. Most families and students are taking quick last minute vacations before hitting the books and studying. It is an important part of the back to school process to take some time away from all the noise, social media, and craziness of everyday life, and just prepare and clear your mind for the school year ahead. In my case, it is my husband who will be studying full-time for his medical boards and will have no break till December. So we planned a mini half day getaway to explore Solstice Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains of Malibu.

Solstice Canyon

For those of you who love to hike, or will visit Southern Cali, and would like a little taste of Malibu beaches, mountains, waterfalls and historical artifacts this is a must see/hike trail. I will not lie and say this is any easy hike. This was a intermediate four miles of 85 degree desert scorching hot heat. But nonetheless, the terrain, plant life, and scenery were well worth the workout. We packed a light lunch of turkey sandwiches, fruit, and water and slathered ourselves in sunscreen. Solstice Canyon

Our destination point was to explore the ruins of two older homes that a fire engulfed in 2007. There is just something I can’t really put into words about visiting places like this. Even though these ruins are not from the early 1800’s, there is a serenity, haunting, and quietness about this area. Surrounded by a trickling waterfall, small creeks, boulders and wildlife, this reserve invites you to place yourself in the past lives of these homes and lives of the people who lived there.

Solstice CanyonSolstice CanyonSolstice CanyonSolstice CanyonSolstice CanyonSolstice CanyonSolstice CanyonSolstice CanyonSolstice CanyonSolstice Canyon

Behind this house, there are rustic steps that lead up to the small waterfall and big rocks, which is the the area we stopped at to eat our food, and had the camera take a few shots of Danny and I.Solstice Canyon

Overall, this mini getaway was perfect. We got a workout in, did some sightseeing, without cell phone service, and enjoyed the view of the Pacific Coast Highway and the beaches on the 50 minute drive back home. For me personally, sometimes these mini same day getways are more productive, cheaper and de-stressing than the week long vacations I would wait for year long to take in the summer once or twice throughout the year. Now since we live in California and barely know the state, I know there will be more explorations. I’ve got National Sequoia Park, Death Valley, San Diego, and most of all the Northern Cali wine vineyards on my bucket list. Hiking may not be for everyone, there is kayaking, bicycling, food tasting, one day beach trips and so many more ideas. What are some of your family’s favorite mini getaway places or activities to do? Let me know the the comment box below.

Solstice Canyon



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