Three Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NC

This week I flew back East to visit my hometown of Asheville, NC. It’s been a much needed time to clear the mind, relax, and visit family. During my stay here, I ventured out and explored a couple of cafes. Asheville offers so many delicious, unique, and charming little places to eat. And a lot of these eateries support local farmers, brewers, and coffee roasters. If you’re ever in the area, or even if you’re a local reading this :D, I hope you check out these few gem spots and treat yourself to a truly tasty cup of coffee and dessert. These are my three must visit cafes in Asheville, NC.

High Five Coffee Bar 

Day 1

Nestled in the corner right outside of Asheville downtown, and below a newly built apartment complex building, this urban styled coffee house is the absolute perfect spot to visit for an impeccable cup of coffee/espresso/cappuccino. This coffee shop has a offers classic brewed coffee, local Asheville beers, smoothies, and light, savory and tasty eats such as bagels, hummus plates, and salad wraps.

You will encounter friendly baristas, locals chatting away deep in conversation, the elderly reading a book, and students busily typing away on their laptops. And then may be you’ll see a person like me who’s creepily taking constant photos of her picture perfect dirty chai latte, stuffing her face with a yummy salmon bagel and writing this article near the tall sunlight window.

This is one of a kind coffee bar. High Five Coffee Bar  partners together with Counter Culture Coffee  Developers and make it their mission to not only bring you the perfect cup of coffee and roasted coffee beans but also to deliver an inviting and light ambient atmosphere and baristas who know their coffee skills. Come with a group of people or by yourself. Bring your dog, order a cup of cold brewed coffee, and just sit back and treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon soaking up the sunshine or enjoy the pitter patter of raindrops on the outside patio.

I could sit here for hours, watch the locals pass by, listen to the soft jazz music playing overhead and life would be perfect. But for now I’m gonna go be a tourist, take photos, and order myself a lovely crafted cup of cappuccino and plan for the rest of the week.

Three Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NCThree Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NCThree Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NCThree Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NCThree Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NC

Dobra tea

Day 2

I may be a little late to jump on the band wagon to write about this place, as Dobra Tea Franchise has two locations in Asheville(I’m in the Downtown spot), one in nearby town Black Mountain, five other locations in the U.S. and even more in Europe( place of origin)!! But either way, this place deserves yet another raving review.

This serene and relaxing tearoom is a tea lover’s dream.  You come in and choose a place to sit, there are long counter window seats, and open corner booths. The perfect and most intimate setting is in the back where you take off your shoes, settle down on a soft small cushion and the lights are completely dimmed. It has a Spa like feel to it. You hear the gentle trickle of the water fountain, clinking of teaspoons as one stirs their tea, and peaceful mediation melodies playing quietly in the background. The server gives you a bell and when you’re ready to order, ring it. The small sized tea menu is eighty-one pages and can be overwhelming at first, but this menu provides everything you need to know about the teas they serve, how they will make you feel, how they are prepared and the history of how Dobra Tea was established. It’s quite an educational experience. I took about fifteen minutes to look through every page and finally ordered the Jasmine Pearl Tea and a Green Matcha Cheesecake. The photo will describe the rest.

The cheesecake was divine. And the light, aromatic Jasmine Pearl tea?  I’m sipping on my third cup as I write this. Dobra Tea delivers fresh, loose leaf tea that is imported from countries such as China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan. As for the Jasmine Pearl Tea,  I was able to brew for a total of four cups over a peroid of an hour, while the small tea candle kept the glass teapot hot.

If you need some peace and quiet time to think in a relaxing environment or just go out for a date with someone, this is THE spot. I really hope the owners will open a location in Los Angeles. 😀

By this sentence, the candle has waned, and I’m finishing up a forth cup of the tea. I will sit here for for a while longer and let the last few drops of the Jasmine Pearl linger on my palette.

Three Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NCThree Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NCThree Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NCThree Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NCThree Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NC

The Chocolate Lounge

Day 3

Growing up in Asheville for nineteen years, I’ve visited this spot a few to many times. The Chocolate Lounge has recently moved their location to the middle of downtown and is A LOT more spacious. Towards the evening hours and especially on the weekends, you will see a long line of people pouring out the entrance and waiting to place an order and get of taste of the rich, luscious, chocolate goodness. If you have a sweet tooth and are a chocolate lover of all sorts, this is your spot. This is basically Chocolate heaven.

I arrived here thirty minutes after they opened, and there were only a handful of people here. I settled into a cozy corner seat in the back and had the whole view of the lounge, including the coffee bar. The service staff here was impeccable, very friendly, and smiles all around.

I ordered a Chai Latte, Beer-a-misu, and a six-count variety of delicate chocolate truffles. Imma be on a sugar high the rest of the day :D.

Having tried the truffles before, I got them as a gift for a friend. The Chai Latte and Beer-a-misu were a good balance as the Chai has a slight hint of sweetness and the dessert was a luscious tiramisu filled with soft cream and a sponge cake soaked in beer.

They serve pastries, brownies, lots of desserts, and some beautiful picture worthy espressos, and lattes. . And guess what?! You can order all sorts of yummies on their website and they even have a monthly subscription of truffles delivered monthly  to your home! They’ve been around for a while and have been featured in food magazines, newspapers, and blogs. You will find children snacking on ice cream, and couples of all ages talking over cups of coffee. Mellow, laid-back and comfy. Want to see a scene out of a story book? Come to the Lounge around fall-time when the vibrant red and yellow leaves are fluttering all over the city.Sit near a window and sip on one of their out of this world famous rich and savory hot chocolate drinks. You will never regret coming here.

Three Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NCThree Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NCThree Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NCThree Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NCThree Must Visit Cafes in Asheville, NC


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  • Hi :), I’m happy I came over here ;), it’s really nice here :).
    I also have a question, does this Dobra Tea has any polish connections? 🙂 Because ‘dobra’ in polish means good :), that’s why I’m asking 🙂 and I’m Polish so ;).ReplyCancel

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