Vegetarian Chorizo Breakfast Sandwich

Welcome back for yet another tasty and savory recipe from my husband!!

I’m by no means a food expert, food blogger, cook, etc… And I REALLY don’t like to cook, but when there is something that I’m sure you will enjoy to eat, and something you NEED to try, I will recreate that something and I promise I will not let you down.

My husband is a natural when it comes to cooking. 99% of the time he makes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some housewife I am, right?? 🙂 Thanks to his Mexican heritage, he has ALL sorts of yummy and delicious eats up his sleeve. And THIS particular one has become one of our favorite brunch to go foods. Traditional Chorizo is made up of pork, spices and is quite fatty and flavorful. But this recipe omits the pork. First time Danny presented this to me on a plate, I thought he purchased this sandwich at a nearby go to Cafe’. I really didn’t believe him. I went to the kitchen and saw leftover Chorizo plastic casing and a heck of a mess. So yes, thank you husband and my holy grail of all places ->Trader Joe’s for this mouth watering and scrumptious vegetarian chorizo breakfast sandwich.(also my first attempt at filming)



(makes for one sandwich)

-1/4 cut of Soy Chorizo (Trader Joe’s is cheap and delicious)


-French Bread ( I used sourdough in the video from TJ’s, it’s super crunchy)

– Lime

Please read the cooking instructions on the soy chorizo, there is a certain temperature you have to reach before it’s cooked thorough-165F I believe. I added butter to the pan because the vegetable soy itself it’s dry. Then add your seasoned eggs, and stir, and stir, and stir.

While the mix is cooking, throw in your bread into another pan to warm and crisp up a bit.

You know your mix is done, when your eggs are cooked through.

I squeeze a tad bit of of lime on my chorizo mix and bread- the flavor is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

And then slather on mayonnaise(TJ’s is THE best) on both sides of the bread and add your chorizo, and let your palate and senses to the rest for you!!This sandwich is healthy- high in protein and the right amount of carbs you need to fuel your morning. With a side of coffee and a handful of berries, it is yummy for your tummy.


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